Gospel Acclamation

I have said previously that I don't like Gospel Acclamations and Responsorial Psalms to be too lively - rapidly switching between exuberant singing and attentive, "heart"-listening doesn't come easily to me.  However, after some years I began to feel that the standard, triple-Alleluia was in need of some......enhancement; and, after getting an idea from watching a Papal Mass on TV, we began to make use of a short fanfare to introduce the Gospel Acclamation.
Two flautists play this simple fanfare (the top line is the melody, the bottom line is a harmony that I came up with), then the cantor sings unaccompanied followed by choir and congregation (with the harmony); the cantor then sings the verse and all repeat the Alleluia (again, with harmony).

It's a simple embellishment but it does to serve to highlight the Gospel Acclamation a little more.

As well as this we have also been introducing Gospel Acclamation tones from John Ainslie's Sing the Psalms Simply as well as one of my own and, for each one, we have a similar fanfare with harmony.


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